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Original furniture from ancient steamears and tall ships.

 Being able to present “original furniture” solutions with Furniture items and naval recovered salvage material is one of our key activities. A really good option to traditional furniture, special for the uniqueness and value of each single item. The original furniture pieces shed around unique charm as only precious things of the can past do. Things which were meant for sea people, tell their stories about blue oceans and create evocative and unique atmospheres.

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Thanks to the naval demolitions occurring in La Spezia and lately to a consistent worldwide quest, in our warehouses you can still find prestigious original furniture as well as exclusive collectibles.

Our furniture all comes from famous ancient steamers and tall ships, and all our furniture comes with authenticity and origin certificate.

Il Corsaro have taken a major role in demolitions of famous steamers, such as, the “Oceania”, launched in 1950 and demolished in 1977; the “Giulio Cesare”, launched in 1949 and demolished in 1973; the “Conte Biancamano”, launched in 1925 and demolished in 1960; the “Conte Grande”, launched in 1927 and demolished on 7 September, 1962; the “Liberté”, the battleship “Richelieu”, the “Giuseppe Verdi”, the “Andrea Costa”, the “Saturnia” (ex “Vulcania”), the “Caribia”, the “Kenia”, the steam yacht “Yaza”, the Austrian Emperors Franz Joseph and Sissi’s yacht, and many other glorious ships from navigation companies all over the world.

In our warehouses customers can still find original furniture pieces coming from these ships and a number of collectibles, instruments, lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and much more.

You will find a selection of furniture solutions and precious accessories which are quite rare and unique of their kind. Complete helm positions, compass binnacles, engine room telegraphs are just few examples of items which can give your spaces a touch of uniqueness, as they are symbols of ships and navigation.

Thanks to the wide range of items of any size, this kind of furniture perfectly suits any environment. Tables of great steamers, desks, drawer chests from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Ours is the most exclusive furniture originating from the combination of original furniture and items with our custom-made furniture production. We build with fine wood such as mahogany, according to the old days craftsmanship.

Special environments are thus created, for people who love the sea, beautiful, essential and functional things, spaces which are conceived to last over time and away from short-lived trends.

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