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Nautical Antiques
Il Corsaro have been a benchmark in naval antiques since 1960.

 In our stores customers can find a wide range of naval antiques, among which a number of engine room telegraphs, binnacles, sextants, octants, chart instruments, original furniture pieces, nautical silverware and china, ancient diving suits, various items, old Navy paintings, dioramas, hand-finished and signed old advertising prints, navigation companies posters, nautical clocks and barometers,  old ship models, bottle ships, various nautical instruments and collectables.

Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, today we are among the major experts in nautical antiques; this enables us to certify each item of our collections and guarantee its age and origin.

We organise exhibitions and events by involving collectors and retailers from all over the world. We supply wholesale as well as private retailers with nautical antiques.

Below is a short list of the most demanded naval antiques items, not just a simple catalogue of items on sale. Also, there is a description of the main instruments you can normally find in our warehouses, for which you will be given complete and detailed information. Email us


Compass Sextant Octant Telescopes Nautical Ship Clocks
Helm Wheels Station Pointers Nautical Log Steering Stations Binoculars
Theodolites Levels Globes Engine Order Telegraphs Naval China Naval Silverware
Dioramas Lifeboat binnacles Compass Binnacles Naval Stopwatches Deckchairs
Reflection Circle Barometres and Thermometres Anemometers Sailors Sea Chests Diving Helmets
Anchors Blocks Lifebuoys Sea Trunks Portholes
Ship Lights and Lanterns Ship Bells Large Ship Lights Barographs works Paolo Klodic
Paintings Gouache Brass Plaques Bottle Ships Foghorns Graphometer
Charting Instruments Half Hulls Inclinometers Writing Boxes Star Globes
Ship Menus and Brochures Ship Models Sheffield Wind Scoops Bulkhead Lights
Wall Lamps Yacht Lights Sikes Hydrometer Marine Interior Buoy Lights
Sailing Rigging Old Safes Teak Grates Globes Ship chains
Ship Doors Dock Bollards Original Flags Naval Armchairs Microscopes
Astrolabes Manifesti Pubblicitari Costruzione Modelli Diving Helmet Luci
lampade Fanali testa albero lampade Compass binnacle Freddy Tappeti originali compagnie di navigazione

Nautical Merchants with over 50 years experience Marine Antiques and Collectibles

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