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The Navy style offers a wide range of furnishing solutions allowing for full design freedom.
This allows us to offer our affectionate Customers fine solutions, inspired by standards of absolute simplicity and functionality combined with warm and elegant design.

Made in Italy  since 1960

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Original Marine Syle since 1960

The Carletti family, now at its third generation, personally monitor each manufacturing and construction stage of each furniture piece until delivery and assembly, granting both quality and respect of delivery date. All spaces and furniture pieces are conceived and designed according to the requirements and tastes of our customers, who have full design freedom. The passion we put into the development of every single furniture item is guarantee to a pleasant negotiation and a total cooperation on our behalf. The utmost care paid to details, the quality of selected woods, and the expertise gained by our craftsmen over the years, are guarantee to high quality confirmed by constant appreciation and market value over time. 

Furniture Manufacturing Technique
Despite the use of new machines, our furniture pieces are built by following “old days” handicraft techniques, as shown by the use of solid mahogany dovetail joints, mahogany doors and blind with dust covers. Brass finishings are treated with rust-proof compounds or left unrefined in order to reproduce the effect of the originals.  As an alternative to brass finishings, we propose carved wood finishings recalling a classic style where wood is the only element in use. Colour options are fully customisable as our furniture pieces are hand painted, and from one single sample we can reproduce any colour shade.

Furniture conceived to last over time, offering fine solutions, inspired by standards of absolute simplicity and functionality. Wide range of furnishing solutions and full design freedom.

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L'originale Stile Marina Artigianale dal 1960

Made in Italy 


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